Give us any list of advocates, and we'll give you back the five people they spend the most time with in the real world.

That’s just part of our “Owned Audience” platform. We can also give you cell phones, email addresses, and postal records of verified voters who are already on your website…qualified advocates who have showed interest in your cause.

GetAdvocates is the world's first and only "Owned Audience" Platform


US Adult Identities


Average Web Traffic Match Rate


Compliant in the USA

How is GetAdvocates better?

GetAdvocates grows your qualified, owned audience exponentially through Sphere of Influence Modeling and our SocialID Relationship Graph.

GetAdvocates’ breakthrough SocialID Relationship Graph technology can spark word-of-mouth marketing via your advocates’ networks.

We can provide contact information for all of your audiences’ real-world social connections: their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

Grow your owned audience and get them talking about your cause by reaching those closest to your most passionate supporters!

GetAdvocates is a completely new way for you own your existing audience.

Other vendors will sell you generic voter data – lists of random, cold leads who know nothing about you or your cause.

GetAdvocates helps you gather full contact records for real voters who have real-world relationships with people on any list you already have, as well as verified voters who already care that are on your website!

Get names, deliverable email addresses, postal records, cell phone numbers, and voter records for any of the targeted, qualified audiences we model for you, all in real-time, passed to any platform you desire via our 1-click integrations.

Our cost per "addressable" advocate is a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Our competitors sell you cheap voter data, then upsell appends of old, inaccurate contact information. 

This process leaves you with a large number of contacts you’ve paid for but can’t reach, which dramatically raises your price-per-contact.

GetAdvocates’ pricing is competitive, and our data is the most accurate in the market. 

We’ll only give you deliverable emails, up-to-date postal records, live cell phone numbers, and accurate congressional districts. We deliver an unbeatable cost per “addressable” record for people who are already interested in your cause.

GetAdvocates' breakthrough identity process starts with a known, deliverable email address.

Other vendors often append old, stale email addresses to voter records that end up being undeliverable.

Bad data raises  your cost-per-record, gets you into trouble with your Email Marketing vendor, and can blow up your deliverability entirely.

GetAdvocates’ proprietary identification algorithm starts by linking anonymous digital identifiers to known email addresses with registered open-and-click activity within the last 14 days. 

We build out the advocate’s profile from there.

What does that mean? 

  1. Our data is the most accurate in the market.
  2. When you send email, you get excellent open rates (35%+), low bounce rates, no spam traps, and very low complaint rates.

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How Does Targeted Audience Expansion Work?

Give us ANY list of people in the US...

Send us a list of your best known advocates, a list of union members you want to persuade to take action, or any past or any list you have in your possession, rented or owned.

We can also use this technique to expand the audience of your existing anonymous website visitors.

...And get data back for the five people (from different households) they spend the most time with in the real world.

We’ll run the list against our proprietary SocialID Relationship Graph, and give you back 5x as many contacts, but not just any contacts…

We’ll pass you data for the social connections of every person on your list.

 We’ll give you emails, cell phone numbers, names, postal addresses, and tell you whether or not they are registered voters.

Reach and persuade those who can influence your target audience the most: their social network.

Never before have you been able to fuel word of mouth…until now, with GetAdvocates.

Create omni-channel campaigns that will resonate in the echo chambers of your target audience. 

Persuade your advocates to take action and change the world.

How Does Website Visitor Identification Work?

Anonymous Website Visitor Identification

You put our pixel on your website, and we match anonymous digital identifiers to rich voter profiles.

Our proprietary AdvocateID GraphTM has more than 220 million US adults and gets 100 million updates every day.

Our linked and current database includes deliverable emails, names, postal addresses, and cell phone numbers, all of which we can send to you, your CRM, your Email Marketing app, or your Direct Mail house in real-time.

Activity-Based Data Cleansing

The secret to GetAdvocates working so well is our proprietary, Activity-Based Data Cleansing. It’s included in our service, and works behind the scenes.

We  only pass you email addresses for known openers and clickers within the past 14 days, and filter out everyone else.

We then append the most up-to-date postal records and cell phone numbers to the deliverable email addresses, creating the most accurate, addressable voter records in the market.

Real-Time Campaign Activation

Seamlessly connect to your Email Marketing Provider, CRM, or Direct Mail house and start the conversation with your audience immediately.

If you don’t see an integration you need, contact us, we’ll build it for you.

Segment subscribers by behavior – send emails from URL A to list A, send emails from URL B to list B.

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