Never Pay For a Contact You Already Have

True Suppress™️ Audience Suppression makes sure you never receive contacts that are already on your email list, or contacts that opt-in on to a form on your website on their own.

Three Ways to Enable True Suppress™️ Audience Suppression:

One-Click Email App Integration

If you enable suppression in our email integrations, we’ll never give you a contact who is already on your list.

Import a Suppression File

If you don’t want to suppress automatically, you can import a CSV file of email addresses.

Install Suppression Script

Put our suppression script on all your pop-up, post-checkout, and opt in confirmation pages.

Enable True Suppress™️ and Never Pay for a Contact You Already Have

Suppress Your Existing Email List

You can enable existing and ongoing Email List suppression through any of our 50+ One-Click Integrations. 

If you don’t want to do that, you can manually import a suppression file. 

All files are hashed before they hit our system.

Suppress Pop-Up and Sign-Up Form Contacts

Install our suppression script on the confirmation page of your Pop-Ups, Sign-Up Forms, and post-Checkout confirmation pages to suppress contacts who convert in real-time. 

Once the script fires on the confirmation page, we will not pass you the record.

Click here to learn how.


We hash (or anonymize) all suppression files before they hit our system. 

For more information on this and how we store data in general, check out our privacy policy.

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