Enrich and Activate Your First-Party Data Through PowerAppend+™️

Have a list of postal records and need deliverable email addresses and cell phone numbers? Have email addresses and need postal records? No matter what data you have or what data you need, PowerAppend+ has you covered.

Three Ways to Enrich Your First Party Data With PowerAppend+™️

Email to Postal & Reverse

Contact your direct mailing list over email, or your email subscribers via direct mail.

Cell Phone Append

Add cell phone numbers to a list of emails or postal records for peer-to-peer texting campaigns.

Voter Information

Append registered voter information or legislative districts to a list of emails or postal records.

Activate Your Audience Across Channels With PowerAppend+™️

Match Email Addresses to Postal Records

Our VoterID Identity Graph is built around deliverable emails. Harness the power of Email Marketing and go digital by appending 100% deliverable emails to your Direct Mail list.

Match Postal Addresses to Your Email List

Do you have a list of engaged Email subscribers, but also want to take advantage of the resurgence of Direct Mail and reach people in their homes? Execute an Email to Postal append and get a home address and a full name to power omnichannel marketing and personalization.

Cell Phone Append

In the advocacy world, Peer-to-Peer Texting is the most effective way to reach your audience, with open rates of over 90%. Our Cell Phone Append can match a current cell phone number to either a list of Email addresses, or your direct mail list.

Legislative District Append

Are you interested in segmenting your audience to get them to send a specific message to a key legislator? Append voter districts to your email or postal list so that you can activate people in a given district to target the appropriate decision maker.

Registered Voter Append

It always helps to know which members of your audience are actually registered voters and the most likely to impact an election. Do a registered voter append and add that information to  your database.

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