We believe in helping purpose-driven organizations reach exponentially more people.

That’s why we built GetAdvocates – to help you find more advocates that already care.

Adam and Helen
It's Adam and Helen again ... Have you seen the GetEmails FB ads?
Hello From Our Founder

This is Adam, Founder/CEO of GetAdvocates.

Long story short, GetAdvocates spun out of our other company, called GetEmails. 

Issue Advocacy organizations were our best customers at GetEmails, but they wanted more. 

How much more? 

Well, instead of just emails, they wanted cell phone numbers for peer-to-peer texting, registered voter confirmations for segmenting, and audience expansion, since most of our customers had larger budgets for audiences than the audiences their web traffic would allow us to sell them. 

So, we went to the drawing board, and figured out how to deliver those three things.

Once we came up with the new package for our Issue Advocacy customers, we asked them the NPS question (“How likely are you to refer this to a friend or colleague, 1-10?”), it was a unanimous 10, and we knew we were on to something.

We spun out GetAdvocates as its own company in March 2021, and put it, GetEmails, GetAudiences, and GetEnrichment underneath our new corporate umbrella, The GetGroup.

We hope GetAdvocates helps our customers change the world, and that our customers love our solutions as much as we love building them.


Adam, Founder/CEO The GetGroup 
(GetAdvocates, GetEmails, GetAudiences, GetEnrichment)