Grow your reach exponentially with Targeted Audience Expansion

Widen your audience with three types of expansion: Sphere of Influence (activating our SocialID™️ Relationship Graph), Psychographic Lookalike Modeling, and Place Modeling.


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How does Targeted Audience Expansion work?

Sphere of Influence Audience Expansion

Use our SocialID™️ Relationship Graph to expand your audience to include people who are similar to your ideal voters and have more influence on them than any other medium: their real-world social connections.

How is that possible? 

Through publicly available data, we can map real-world social connections between people, market to them through any one-to-one channel, and generate word of mouth in their network. 

Learn more about our SocialID™️ Relationship Graph here.

Psychographic Lookalike Modeling

Want to find more advocates who think and act like your core supporters?

We can ingest your existing audience — either through your CRM, on-website visitors, or a simple data file — and slice it into known psychographic segments. 

We then take the most common segments and return every single person like them that resides within the US, or a list of zip codes that you provide.

Place Modeling

Your advocates have an ideal profile, and typically that profile includes places they frequent. 

Churches, gun ranges, charter schools, burger joints, office buildings…we can create an audience of people for you to target of people who visit literally any place you can imagine. 

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