Our Data: VoterID™️ Identity Graph

We maintain a unique, proprietary Identity Graph of 250 million US adults and 180mm voters. What makes our graph unique? We start with opt-in, deliverable email addresses, and build out robust voter profiles from there.

DeliveryID Graph


Total Deliverable US Emails


Total US Voters


Average Match Rate

Get Rich, People-Based Registered Voter Data

Own full voter profiles of anonymous people on your website

We connect anonymous digital identifiers to rich voter data. 

Get deliverable email, first name, last name, postal address, cell phone number, and confirmation that the visitor is a verified voter.

Get ONLY deliverable email addresses that open at a 30%+ open rate!

The secret to the effectiveness of our identity graph is in the quality of the email addresses that we give you.

We only pass email addresses that have a known open or click event over the last 14 days. 

Your open rates will be higher than your opt-in list, and you can send freely without worry over compromising your sending reputation or damage to your sending domain.

Capture Current, Accurate Cell Phone Numbers

We have exclusive partnerships with all of the major cell phone vendors (including the ONLY partnership with Verizon), and provide both current and historical cell phone numbers for known registered voters.

Use the numbers for both direct outreach and peer-to-peer texting with 90% open rates and the highest response rates of any channel available.

Unlock Activity-Based Data Cleansing

How do we ensure email deliverability and cell phone number accuracy?

The answer is all about layering real-time engagement signals on top of our VoterID Graph.

In addition to rigorous traditional data cleaning methods, we have a proprietary, Activity-Based Data Cleansing method that listens for real engagement signals in our network before passing you data.

Tap into the Power of Our VoterID™️ Identity Graph

Enrich Your CRM

Give us a list of email addresses and let us return postal addresses, cell phone numbers, registered voter information, and up to 120 demographic fields to learn more about your advocates.

Power Omnichannel Marketing

Step up your marketing program by appending email addresses to postal records, postal records to email addresses, or cell phone numbers to either one.

Reach your advocates with the perfect message, on the perfect channel, at the perfect time.

Find More of Your Best Advocates

Tap into our VoterID™️ and SocialID™️ Graphs together to exponentially expand your audience by finding more advocates who are either just like your best voters, or literally associate in the real world with your current advocate base.

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